Survivor’s Russell Will Get His in the End.

I’ve lived with Russell before, only his name was different and he wasn’t so short. The similarities keep me watching the show with a grimace, but also cause me to hope that someone will be wise enough to take the man DOWN. It could be my exhusband or Russell:

  • Condescending to all women
  • Thinking he’s more intelligent than anyone else
  • Using the idol/tax money to indenture people to him
  • Doing things so unbelievable in plain site
  • Manipulating one person at a time
  • Causing fighting within the tribe so that no one will notice him
  • Thinking he has total control over the game
  • Thinking he has so much control that he is actually playing against the producers
  • No sense of guilt
  • Forcing people to play along because they feel threatened if they don’t
  • Accusing women of threatening him
  • Using real people’s pain to gain sympathy for himself

And I have this to say about the path Russell has taken: Karma will bite you in the ass. The more you think you’re in control–the more mistakes you will make.

And that’s why I am not driving over to get a tax form I need to sign out of Joe’s mailbox. The best way to fight back is not to play at all.

And to Russell’s wife: I offer FREE therapy sessions.


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