It is 8:00 this morning. The kids walked out the door to catch the bus a few minutes ago and I did my cheering little happy dance in the doorway as I watched them trudge through the cold, turning their heads to glare back at me. I can’t wait until it’s warmer and I can do my dance at the bus stop.
I make a pot of coffee and sit down to check my email, facebook, the weather, news, and internet gossip. My hair is wet from the shower. Ah, peace and quiet and . . .
A blaring horn . . . the Plow Guy sitting in his big manly truck in the parking lot, calling us over and over with that horn. Mr. Plow Guy is right on time only . . .
I count 11 vehicles that would have to be moved for him to plow.
Eleven people who are in the shower, or in bed, or feeding their small children, or sitting at the table waiting for a cup of coffee like me while . . .
Mr. Plow Guy is joined, after 20 minutes of laying on his horn, by a sand truck. Mr. Sand Truck Driver also lays on his deep fog horn sounding horn and they both made beautiful music together, calling us outside to move for them to plow . . .
Sure, I’m sitting here at the table, watching them, when I could be out there moving my car. I don’t want to be the first to give in and I don’t want to be the last car out there. I’ll move somewhere in the middle.
I watch two other people move their cars. They look disgusted. I’m sure Mr. Plow Guy and Mr Sand Truck Driver are frustrated too. Can they tow us all? Sigh. I should just move. I’m sure they’ve seen me sitting here watching them. But I’m too stubborn to let them think I moved because they’ve been sitting out there honking their horns for 30 minutes now . . .
I pull on my winter boots over my fuzzy pink socks and zip up my coat over my pajamas. Yes, I showered and put my pjs back on. I grab my mail, two netflix movies I’m sending back today. I’ll move my car but I’m going to the Post Office first, so that they think I only left because I had something I needed to do. It’s only convenient that I park in Visitor Parking when I get back. I’m not giving in. Not Really. I just have to go to the Post Office.
I wonder if they’ll plow in the summer too.

And this goes to show that I can indeed blog about pretty much anything.


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